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How can I create a design that helps people empathize with each other?

mid-Mar 2020 - Apr 2020  / 

MFA DT Thesis (Independent Project)

For Those Who Don't Have Tomorrow - Trailer

Message to me who experienced a moment in which I felt there is no tomorrow

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Face myself in the past
Thesis Trailer

Many people think my project is about a story that has not been delivered to those who passed away. However, this project is not only about people who passed away, but also about people who feel that there is no tomorrow without those they have lost. 

In this trailer, I wanted to show the story of the people who left. Those who have experienced a sense of loss are still dwelling in the past moments, experiencing objects that remind them of those who passed away.

Thesis Trailer
Thesis Trailer

The trailer starts when my present self meets my project, the telephone installation. The present self leaves a message to the self in the past, and my past self, at the moment of experiencing loss, receives the message. And it ends in a scene where my past self meets the self in the present.

Thesis Trailer

Have you ever experienced losing loved ones and felt that there is no tomorrow without them?

‌Do you have a message you want to deliver to yourself in the past?

‌My project is, after all, a story of and for all about us.


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