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For Those Who Don't Have Tomorrow

For Those Who Don't Have Tomorrow is a vintage telephone installation that allows people to leave messages for their loved ones. Many people deal with losing loved ones and feel that there is no tomorrow without them. The project uses an Arduino inside a 3D printed vintage telephone to listen and respond to someone's personal story. I based this project on her personal story, combining an 80s style public telephone from Seoul with an object, cherry blossoms, that reminds her of her grandfather. For Those Who Don't Have Tomorrow delivers a powerful story for those suffering from loss and creates connections between people who can't imagine tomorrow.

Feb 2019 - May 2019   / 

1. Problem: What am I empathizing with?

Thesis project(2021.8월)_Artboard 3.png

This project started with a curiosity for how we can create empathy in design. At the beginning, I was trying to find a way to make people behave better because I thought creating empathy in design could do that. As I went through the series of events, my question was changed to how I can create a design that helps people empathize with each other as a designer.

2. Research & Insight

Sheepless & Metamorphosis(2021.8월)_Artboard 8.png

Sheepless & Metamorphosis(2021.8월)_Artboard 9.png

Sheepless & Metamorphosis(2021.8월)_Artboard 10.png


Sheepless & Metamorphosis(2021.8월)_Artboard 11.png


Sheepless & Metamorphosis(2021.8월)_Artboard 12.png

After the second user testing, I decided to segment my idea to the position that gives personalized advice and focuses on the moments BEFORE the users go to sleep.

User Flow
Sheepless & Metamorphosis(2021.8월)_Artboard 18.png



Sleep Coach is designed to improve the sleep environment BEFORE going to sleep. If you turn on the Sleep Coach mode, it will check the sleeping environment.


Perfect Bedding analyzes the preference of beddings and recommends beddings that fit users based on the records and information they provided.


Smart Devices is for helping users easily control their devices that use WiFi or Bluetooth BEFORE they go to sleep. Users can control their devices without going out of their beds if their sleep environment is out of their optimized environment.

Sheepless & Metamorphosis(2021.8월)_Artboard 13.png
Sheepless & Metamorphosis(2021.8월)_Artboard 14.png
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